World Mission

World Mission

World Mission takes its direction from the Great Commission set forth in Matthew 28:19, where Jesus tells us to "go and make disciples of all nations."  We provide audio Bibles - Treasures - to illiterate and/or oral learning people living primarily in Africa, Asia, India.

Additional Information
World Mission is a nonprofit ministry focused on getting the audio Bible - Treasures - to people who have never heard of Jesus' saving grace and love. These solar-powered Bibles come in 7,000 dialects / languages!

Our focus is Africa, India and Asia where there are 2.9 billion people who have not heard of Jesus, who are mostly Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, and who are illiterate and/or oral learners.

We work through national partners (people of the culture) who distribute the Treasures, and disciple people once they have the Treasure, and ultimately plant Christian churches.

We also provide humanitarian and medical aid as well as clean-water solutions (Zoe Waters), which often open doors firmly closed to hearing the Gospel.
We are supported through donations and World Mission / Bibles for Missions Thrift Stores.

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