West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology

West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology

The mission of the West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology (WMCAT) is to create a culture of opportunity for people to make social and economic progress in their lives and community. Particularly WMCAT supports under and unemployed adults on a journey to income security through training for and placement in living wage careers; supports urban teens on their journey to high school graduation through experiences in design, technology and civic engagement; and supports first-year college students on their journey to post-secondary success through an apprenticeship and mentoring experience in growing a creative business.

At WMCAT, we curate a culture and set of programs that help our students through transitions on their opportunity pathways. Those transitions may be to the workforce for unemployed adults; through high school for teens; or during that first, crucial year of college for urban young adults. Our organizational goals are to implement impactful programs that are innovative, provide equitable access, leverage collaboration, and foster success for students.

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