Westown Jubilee Housing

Westown Jubilee Housing


To stabilize our core city community one homeowner at a time, to provide a new beginning, and give great glory to our God!

Westown Jubilee Housing was born out of a pressing need to address deteriorating housing concerns on the Grand Rapids West Side. Following the homeowner exodus of the 1970’s and the widespread acquisition of the properties by absentee landlords in the 1980’s, our stability as a viable community was severely challenged. The decreasing number of homeowners left local retail businesses stifled and stagnant. Residential units were neglected and arson and crime were on the increase. The faith community envisioned a “call for action” through “The Other Way Ministries” that would engage volunteer skills and “a personal touch” to bring back hope and stability to Westown one homeowner at a time. To date we have launched 50 urban homesteaders.

Westown also owns 24 rental units with below market rent. With the increase of rental rates and absentee landlords we take much pride in our rentals. We want to give residents a chance to stay in the neighborhood an be able to afford to. With the GVSU campus so close by the rent rates just keep going up which in return pushes lower income families out. With our rentals in 2016 we were able to provide a stable place for 60 people to call home.

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