Unison Christian Church

Unison Christian Church

A new church bringing life to the old Four Star Theater: just north of the Burton and Division intersection.

Unison is a creative bunch of folks. We attract singers, musicians, dancers, poets and visual artists. The creative culture of our church family comes alive as we dream about gathering and serving the community in a space like this. Lighting racks, a performance stage and theatre style seating call out the Jesus loving artsy side of us. That reality, mixed with an unrelenting spirit for community engagement, will be amazing to unleash on this community! It is with that passion that we are pursuing the purchase and renovation of the old Four Star Theater.

This historic landmark has sat vacant for the better part of a decade. Both the city of Grand Rapids and local Neighborhood Association are eager to see some positive community influence coming from this space. An innovative and exciting local church, breathing life into this part of the city would do wonders for sparking involvement, enthusiasm and a sense of pride in the community.

"We are purchasing the theatre to restore and renovate into a performing arts venue,” says lead pastor, Chase Stancle. "There is a steady flow of prostitution and drug/gang activity in this part of our city, but there is also a thriving culture of performance instruction and local artistry that exists in pockets. It is our hope to centralize this creative activity in the heart of the neighborhood, giving all this 'good' in our city a home. Our hope is to provide a sense of balance in our neighborhood. We want our children to young adults to see the creative option as vibrantly and obviously as the negative influences they are bombarded with daily. Let them see both sides of the fence and then they can choose. Let’s provide a real option for our youth and watch them flourish."

The 1.6 million dollar project has been designed by Isaac V Norris & Associates and will be overseen and built by Pioneer Construction: both of which are community stake holders with their offices in the Garfield Park Neighborhood. They have both given financially to this project and have poured many volunteer hours into planning for this vision to come to fruition. Join us all and the vision to restore this space and our community.

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