Tent Schools International

Tent Schools International

The mission of Tent Schools International is to demonstrate the love of Jesus for displaced children by providing safe, compassionate learning environments that exchange chaos and loss for peace and opportunity.

We come alongside Christian leaders in refugee camps and other transitional areas to establish educational opportunity for children fleeing war, persecution and natural disaster.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) supply food, water and basic shelter, but most children seeking refuge do not have the opportunity for an education. Tent schools and other portable resources are the most efficient, effective way to bring education to displaced children, equipping them with the skills they need for life outside the camps.

Tent Schools International advocates for displaced children and their families through access to education and other welcoming initiatives, regardless of religion, ethnicity or nationality. Your support empowers this mission to:

  • Establish tent schools where they are needed most
  • Empower displaced children through access to technology
  • Equip local teachers to create compassionate learning environments

Together, we can meet this urgent, global need.

Our services include:

Schools – We connect with in-country partners to fund physical spaces for learning in refugee camps and other transitional areas.

Technology – Through our LEAP program, we create access to technology as a resource for refugee youth and parents involved in education and career training.

Resources – We develop guides and training materials for teachers working with displaced children, utilizing a trauma-informed approach to education.

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