Established in 2015, stageGR is a local performing arts organization that produces musical theater opportunities for students in elementary school on up. StageGR intentionally does not exclude any student from its productions regardless of experience or ability. We provide a safe place where belonging, confidence, friendship, and fun occur within a creative environment.


To provide a space where students gain confidence, make friends, and discover their talents on the stage or behind the scenes, and to foster a community that unites in celebration of the developed skills of a diverse group providing quality entertainment.


Inclusion - We believe that ALL students should have the opportunity to utilize their talents and abilities.

Opportunity - We believe in an open door. We strive to break down barriers and make the seemingly impossible possible. We believe that every person has intrinsic value, dignity, and capability.

Diversity - We believe students learn the most from friends who think and look

different from them. We believe there is beauty in the uniqueness of each individual.

Excellence - We believe that any stage production worth doing is worth doing with quality and professionalism. Therefore, we assist each participant in striving for his/her personal best.


"You will be given the most inclusive, uplifting, and enjoyable experience you can find in youth theatre. I cherished every moment and wish the three weeks didn't fly by so quickly. The directing team is fair and kind while being stern when necessary, providing each student with an opportunity to learn and have fun regardless of their ability level. I've gained confidence, friends, and opportunities from participating in Fame; my only complaint is that stageGR wasn't established sooner. I'm thrilled to see what talent will arise in the years to come." A. R.

"StageGR has helped me grow significantly as a singer, musician, actress, dancer, and most importantly, as a person. Through this phenomenal organization I have met wonderful people and had wonderful experiences that no other organization could possibly provide. 10/10 would recommend." N. D.

"Amazing directors. amazing supporters. amazing memories. StageGR, I'll never forget your name." K. D.

"I am forever indebted to Ella & Daniel for encouraging, and providing a safe place to be yourself for my daughter. Music and how it makes her feel is priceless!" C.G.

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