Senior Sing A-Long

Senior Sing A-Long

Music has the power to unite, move, reveal, inspire and heal. It can reach people when nothing else can.

Senior Sing A-Long was founded to share the benefits of music with local seniors, as they struggle with the deleterious effects of aging. The nonprofit is an important part of a paradigm shift in care for West Michigan seniors—a key partner in the movement away from simple care-giving toward providing an enriched living experience for all seniors, especially those with dementia.

Senior Sing A-Long offers on-site, therapeutic, evidence-based programming at senior living communities, including:

  • Life Enrichment Programming (Live Performances)
  • Music Therapy (Group & Individual)
  • Tuned In (Music Players with Personalized Playlists)
  • Young & Young At Heart (COMING SOON -- Intergenerational Programming)

Senior Sing A-Long is a vibrant and growing agent of change in local senior care, restoring happiness… and memories… to seniors on a daily basis.

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