SowHope's mission is to inspire women around the world through wellness, education, and economic opportunities. We partner with local leaders who live in communities where women are living in difficult circumstances. Our work is accomplished through local leaders using local solutions to solve local problems.

SowHope was founded in 2006 by Mary and Doug Brown to alleviate the immense burden carried by women living in poor developing countries. As SowHope has grown over time, we have discovered that by empowering women who previously had no access to opportunities, there is a cascading effect of positive benefits. Women gain access to their local economy and buying and spending power for their families. They are able to feed their children better, send them to school, and buy them medicines. As women develop small businesses, they hire their neighbors and impact the whole community. We've also found that women are more willing to cross lines of conflict and do business with their enemy in order to prosper - this builds peace in unstable regions.

To date, SowHope has directly impacted over 63,000 women who are now more likely to be healthy, literate, and able to care for their children with dignity.

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