Seeds of Promise

Seeds of Promise is a place-based, urban community improvement initiative located in the Southeast community of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our mission is to equip and empower community residents to govern and direct continuously improving, self-sustaining personal and neighborhood prosperity. Seeds of Promise defines neighborhood prosperity as a community that meets the following impact dimensions: 1) Youth are succeeding in learning and life; 2) Families are functioning effectively; 3) Adults are generating a livable wage income; 4) Residents are committed to a wellness lifestyle; 5) Neighborhood is safe to live, work and play. Our foundation principle is that those who live in the community must direct their own improvement strategy.

We help residents build up the community through working with community leaders and community survey results, we create programs and activities based on what the community wants. Once residents have identified a concern or initiative, an impact team is formed to help address issues related to that topic. We have 8 impact teams: housing, education, environmental, safety, leadership, health & wellness, ministerial, and job creation/entrepreneur. These teams are comprised of community residents and partner organizations to help to carry out the mission/vision of the impact team. Impact team projects include: tree planting, neighborhood clean ups, dumpster day, Healthcare Fair, housing repair program, first time home buyers program, and public safety. All of these initiatives came from residents.

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