Sea to Sea: Cycling to End Poverty

Sea to Sea

Sea to Sea is a bicycling mission fighting poverty through fundraising and awareness. Volunteers and donors make it possible for riders from around the world to cycle from the west to east coast of North America. The event is sponsored by World Renew and Partners Worldwide, two Christian organizations focused on interrupting the cycle of poverty.

Poverty is a real, immediate problem. 800 million people are in extreme poverty in the world today and nearly half the world is living on less than $2.50 per day. Sea to Sea is a response to global poverty—we can and should be working toward solutions. So we cycle.

This tour is more than a bike ride. People of all ages, backgrounds, and cycling experience are encouraged to participate. The ride is centered around community, service, ministry and global impact. Funds generated by the event are used to empower disadvantaged people through job creation, community development, and economic sustainability around the world.

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