Out Side In

Out Side In serves families in West Michigan and as a non profit is committed to providing high quality, alternative mental health therapy using rescued horses as partners. Specializing in those who are treatment resistant, Out Side In is committed everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Clients include many children suffering the effects of abuse, trauma, neglect, anxiety and depression. Out Side In is also a Heroes for Horses site, offering therapy services to veterans suffering from PTSD and other pre-or post deployment concerns. Three master’s level therapists provide over 3000 hours of therapy annually, primarily to uninsured or underinsured clients, therefore Out Side In relies heavily on community support. The majority of private practice therapists do not accept Medicaid clients, whereas Out Side In welcomes these families and individuals often most in need of services. Rescued thoroughbreds come to Out Side In, often displaying similar symptoms as clients, and with retraining and rehabilitation, these horses are given a second career, either as therapy partners or cherished family pets. Every dollar of your gift on Giving Thursday will be used to directly benefit clients and horses, with no portion directed towards administrative expenses. Please take time to visit Out Side In, meet our horses and see our facility. Thank you for considering Out Side In on this Giving Thursday as we continue to serve people.... and save horses.

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