Local First Education Foundation

Local First Education Foundation

Local isn’t just a place on a map. It’s people: your neighbors and their families, their businesses, farms, nonprofits, events, and recreational venues. Local is a community and all of the opportunities we create together and challenges we work to overcome. Local First has a passion for people living and working together in sustainable community.

That’s Local First’s mission. We lead the development of an economy grounded in local ownership that meets the basic needs of people, builds local wealth and social capital, functions in harmony with our ecosystem, and encourages joyful community.

That passion and mission has led us to a vision for West Michigan:

  • A region made resilient and empowered by diverse local ownership and collaboration
  • A national leader in creating a thriving, equitable, sustainable, and economically vibrant region
  • Nationally recognized for its quality of life, diverse entrepreneurial energy, beautiful environment, and unique local culture

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