Lake Michigan Academy

Lake Michigan Academy

Lake Michigan Academy strives to transform the lives of children with learning differences. We empower students to focus and build their strengths not their weaknesses. Students leave LMA with renewed self-esteem and lifelong tools for success. Our alumni continue to develop learning skills, social skills, and self-awareness techniques which help them become valuable individuals in society.

When you remove negative culture and combine small class size with an emphasis on positive attitudes, self confidence can flourish. Our students are better able to be themselves, to build friendships, and to enjoy group learning and activities. This attitude carries over as a life skill where as maturing individuals, they understand how to build relationships, speak up in a work environment, and learn to make better life choices.

Our teachers bring a mixture of credentials. Some have their certificate in a certain content area, while others hold their degree in Learning Disabilities. We depend on this mixture of knowledge so both content knowledge and LD teaching strategies can be combined. All certifications are kept current and our teachers regularly attend professional development sessions to stay current in the profession.

We believe that every child has the right to learn in a safe environment where they are free to be themselves and are valued for who they are.

Students achieve their potential through key advantages that set LMA apart from traditional schools:

  • Individual project based learning environment
  • Small class sizes 8:1 for elementary and 10:1 for middle school and high school
  • Mixed age classes that advance at individual levels
  • Sensory breaks
  • Family environment
  • 1:1 technology
  • Staff who care about students’ emotional, physical, and academic well being
  • Round table style conferences with course curriculum teachers
  • Remedial classes in math, writing, and reading
  • Real world learning with field trips
  • Classes in strategy and advocacy skills
  • Individual accommodations for each child
  • Full and part time options for high school students

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