Little Horses Big Smiles

Charlie is a three-year-old miniature horse. Charlie and his handler Ronica are a registered animal assisted therapy and activities team with Pet Partners who is the only national organization that registers miniature equine for animal assisted therapy and activities. His "herd" at home is made up of Ronica, her nine-year-old son Dylan, their Yorkie Jackson, and their "rescue mutt" Thunder. They have been visiting for the past two years in West and Central Michigan to various nursing homes, schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, a brain injury facility, and the Grand Rapids Home For Veterans.

Ronica comes from a military family with two brothers who are veterans and one who is still serving in the Air National Guard. The veterans of our great nation mean the world to Little Horses Big Smiles (LHBS). The veterans at the home refer to Charlie as "Our Charlie." LHBS loves their monthly visits to the veterans home.

Charlie brings joy, smiles, and comfort to everyone he visit whether it be an actual therapy visit or a shopping outing to the various pet friendly local store they go to for supplies. Charlie not only is a therapy horse but is learning lots of tricks. His most loved trick is to smile!!!! He smiles at everyone and the smiles you see from his smile are so big and genuine. Charlie loves to give kisses and hugs while on visits as well. We are so blessed and honored in what we do.

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