Life International

LIFE International

We partner with Gospel leaders to multiply life-giving ministry wherever abortion exists.

We want to see the Bride of Christ boldly advancing God’s global life movement, saving preborn lives, healing broken hearts, and proclaiming the infinite value of His Image in all people.

We employ a philosophy of ministry designed for indigenous ownership, self-sustainability, interdependence, health, and maximum reproduction. We work in two primary arenas:

  • Partnering with church-planting movements globally where the life message and foundations for ministry can be transmitted and applied throughout a whole movement.
  • Equipping leaders to develop local life-giving ministries, such as pregnancy centers, orphan care, abstinence education, post-abortion recovery programs, and more.

Our training is supplemented by the development and translation of ministry tools as well as intentional prayer initiatives. As we invest in leaders with training, educational tools, and prayer, they in turn invest in others.

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