John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo

With the help of members and donors, John Ball Zoo has worked hard to earn a special grant from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs; who has awarded the Zoo a matching gift challenge in the amount of $70,000. This means that every dollar raised by donations to John Ball Zoo before the end of the year will be matched by this challenge grant and be worth double. For example, every gift of $25 will be matched with a gift of $25.

If the Zoo can meet this matching challenge, it will raise the total funding needed to construct a new pathway, compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which will make the Zoo more easily accessible for everyone. And in doing so will remove several old and unusable animal habitats, that will make space for many new animals for our community to enjoy!

Together, let’s make our great zoo even greater — for everyone — and at the same time create much needed space to add more wonderful animals.

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