IKUS Life Enrichment Services

IKUS Life Enrichment Services

Over sixty years of enriching lives! We've been expanding the options available to individuals with disabilities for over sixty years. We began in 1952 when a group of parents founded Indian Trails Camp to serve children with disabilities. The organization expanded its services to meet the needs of a diverse array of clients. Then in 2016 we launched the camp's parent organization, IKUS Life Enrichment Services, with the intention of continuing to grow and serve an ever-widening range of clients with a comprehensive suite of services and a person-centered approach.

Services that enrich clients' lives include: Indian Trails Camp, Skill Building, Community Living Supports, and Supported Employment.

Indian Trails Camp brings adaptive recreation to campers in a safe, barrier-free environment. Camp allows individuals of all abilities to participate in a wide range of activities while families and caregivers are afforded some much needed rest. Whether it's a respite, a vacation, or time with friends, ITC provides experiences for all.

Skill Building assists clients in a maintaining and increasing their independence and economic self-sufficiency. This program helps clients develop vocational, safety, leisure, relationship, and leadership skills by working from the goals in the Person-Centered Plan.

Community Living Support encourages self-sufficiency and independence through community inclusion and participation. This service includes assisting, reminding, observing, guiding, and/or training in a wide variety of essential activities. IKUS serves clients in their homes and/or community settings.

Supported Employment aims to help individuals with disabilities find gainful employment n the community. Through assistance with job creation, interviewing techniques, and social workplace skills, IKUS empowers clients to increase their independence and economic self-sufficiency.

IKUS Life Enrichment Services assists individuals with disabilities to discover their potential , experience greater freedom, learn new skills and have fun in a safe environment. IKUS gives clients the tools they need to make every day another best day.

Campers have been going to Indian Trails Camp for over sixty years, at the end of each day, they look forward to singing the official camp song: "I Ike IKUS! Nobody like us! Always a-winning, always a-grinning, always a-feeling fine!" So when we launched the camp's parent organization, "IKUS" was the perfect word to use as our name. To us, IKUS means greater freedoms for our clients, and it means fun activities that build meaningful relationships, whether that's at camp or through a variety of other enriching programs. We hope it comes to mean this for you, too.

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