Humane Society of West Michigan

Humane Society of West Michigan

For over 130 years, Humane Society of West Michigan has operated under a seemingly simple mission, one that we feel provides both animals and those who care for them with an irreplaceable resource.

Humane Society of West Michigan is a limited admission shelter. This means that we must restrict the number of animals we receive in order to continue providing the best care and shelter for our current animals. This admission policy requires the public to schedule an appointment in order to make sure that we have space available. This policy is based solely on space capacity, and never on types of animals, the age of the animal or other factors. This policy allows us to never euthanize for time or space reasons. Our staff is dedicated to finding homes for all of our adoptable animals and this is only possible by limiting our number of admissions.

We provide humane and responsible care for all animals and facilitate placement to appropriate homes. We cannot achieve our vision on our own. It requires collaboration with animal welfare organizations and other community partners in order to achieve our common goals.
Our vision is to build a more compassionate community where all animals are given the care they deserve. We promote the humane treatment and responsible care of animals in West Michigan through education, example, placement and protection.

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