Heartside Ministry

Heartside Ministry, Inc.

Our lives are enriched by people. We turn to family, friends and others when we need inspiration, encouragement or just a listening ear. This support gives us a sense of belonging. And that’s what we strive to do at Heartside Ministry — Welcome neighbors as they are with no strings attached.

Since 1983, we have helped neighbors realize their worth and encouraged them to become who they want to be. This gives them the confidence they need to move on to other things. Rather than duplicating the food and shelter services that many organizations in the Heartside neighborhood offer, we go a step beyond to help neighbors discover their potential through arts, education, and faith. Through 25 programs and services, we help neighbors build the confidence they need to pursue a job, get an education, create artwork, find stable housing, stay clean from substance abuse or help other neighbors with similar issues.

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