Grand Rapids Art Museum

Grand Rapids Art Museum

The Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) serves the community through dynamic Exhibitions, innovative Learning initiatives, and engaging Community programming and outreach:

• Exhibitions are at the core of the Museum experience, and GRAM is committed to presenting diverse shows of the highest caliber, featuring works of art from national and international artists and institutions, across a wide range of different media and genres. Exhibitions at GRAM are more than simply works of art hanging on the gallery walls -- they are engaging participatory experiences, augmented with artist talks, panel discussions, interactive gallery spaces, digital publications, and community partnerships. Exhibitions lay the foundation for learning opportunities for all ages, from docent-led tours and art-making in the GRAM Studio, to programming for students and professional development for art teachers.

• GRAM believes education is paramount to a thriving community and healthy economy, and arts-infused Learning plays a fundamental role in this endeavor. With a strong suite of educational programs and transformative learning initiatives, GRAM serves as an extension of the classroom, and a platform for arts-integrated education. Engaging tens of thousands of West Michigan children, students, educators, families, and adults annually, GRAM provides an extensive sequence of learning, from programming for early childhood learners and K-12 and college students, to learning opportunities for adults and families. Learning at GRAM helps build academic proficiencies and cultivates 21st century skills.

• Through Community outreach and programming, GRAM serves the greater Grand Rapids community, providing engaging and welcoming experiences for diverse audiences of all ages and backgrounds. These efforts are rooted in thoughtful partnerships with other West Michigan organizations, allowing GRAM to magnify its impact in reaching underserved audiences in the community. Since moving into its LEED Gold certified building nearly a decade ago, GRAM has increasingly served as a central and inclusive gathering place for people to experience inspiration, discussion, and discovery through art.

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