Grandville Education Foundation

Grandville Education Foundation

The Grandville Education Foundation (GEF) is a non-profit organization with a mission to enhance and enrich educational opportunities within the Grandville Public Schools through direct financial support received from the community at large.

GEF is helping to provide Aha! moments to students in Grandville Public Schools. The foundation has provided grants throughout the district totaling over $213,000 since 1991. We fund a variety of creative and innovative educational programs that are outside the traditional school budget.

Funding is requested in the form of a grant application during our fall and spring grant season. This funding helps teachers explore new tools, methods, and ways of interacting with students. A board of trustees and grant committee provides governance and evaluates grant proposals during each grant cycle.

GEF is working hand in hand with the district to further instill and uphold the "Pride & Excellence" motto today and for years to come.

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