Family Promise of Grand Rapids

Family Promise of Grand Rapids

Family Promise has been assisting children and their families facing a housing crisis for twenty years.

We partner with families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by helping them get back on their feet so they can create a stable lifestyle for their children.

Family homelessness is becoming more and more prevalent in our community. Families with children are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population making up almost 50 percent of those who are homeless in West Michigan. Family Promise is doing everything in our power to end family family at a time. Most of the families we help are just like ours, but they haven’t been able to overcome a difficult situation. That’s where Family Promise can help!

Family Promise has helped over 3,000 children and 1,500 families build a strong foundation for their family’s future through providing emergency services, permanent housing, case management, mentoring and furniture donation services. With the help of our IHN network and over 2,000 volunteers, our families have found futures full of hope and possibility.

When we help parents meet their basic needs and give them the opportunity to create a vision for the future, their dreams of providing a better life for their children are realized. This changes our community and improves the lives of future generations.

Causes of Homelessness:

Lack of affordable housing – The most prevalent cause

Unemployment – Losing a job or even hours, especially at minimum wage

Family Break-Up – When a guardian leaves the family, income often goes with them

Education Barriers – Finding a job that pays enough to make the rent

Domestic Violence – Leaving an abusive relationship can cut off financial resources and stable support systems

The mission of Family Promise of Grand Rapids is to engage community and faith-based organizations in ENDING HOMELESSNESS ... one family at a time.

Our goals are ambitious and achievable:

  • Family Promise will help homeless families with children find permanent housing, and, through our continuum of supportive programs and mentors, help them achieve sustainable self-sufficiency.
  • Family Promise will help families achieve self-sufficiency so that children do not continue to cycle through our community’s homeless emergency system.
  • Family Promise will be sensitive to and help many families who are homeless due to situations (job loss) and/or are experiencing a life crisis (illness, divorce, domestic abuse) which has led to first-time, and for many, only-time homelessness.
  • Family Promise will allow families to remain intact during a housing crisis so dads can stay with their family and boys over the age of 10 remain with their siblings and parents. This will lessen the negative impact on families and children. Separation adds additional stress and takes time away from the goals of securing permanent housing and employment.
  • Family Promise will maintain an 85% or greater rate of families we serve moving into permanent housing.
  • Family Promise will work with families in assuring that 80% or more remain self-sufficient for one year or more.

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