Family Outreach Center

Family Outreach Center

“Leading the way in promoting healthy family living by reaching out to underserved populations and those who are low income in our community.”

Family Outreach Center (FOC) was established in 1979 following the collaborative efforts of a broad spectrum of Kent County residents who were concerned about the deterioration of family life among under served and low income, inner city residents. Kent County has always had a number of quality agencies providing needed services in the community. However, there was not an agency that focused specifically on the needs of underserved populations. FOC became the new agency designed to address the unmet need facing these population with the goal of bridging the gap in the human service delivery system.

Family Outreach Center offers an array of outpatient services to help individuals with mental health and addictive disease become healthy and productive members of society. Family Outreach Center proudly partners with area local schools, community organizations, churches and businesses to bring awareness of the impact of mental health issues within and around the Grand Rapids area.

Family Outreach Center has been successfully delivering services for over thirty-seven (37) years to low income, uninsured and under-insured populations (including the Medicaid populations since its inception) in Kent County.

The services provided are person- and family-centered to encourage active involvement in the treatment process. Help is also available for individuals with mental health and substance abuse co-occurring disorders. Services are available in English and Spanish.

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