Exodus Place

Exodus Place

Exodus Place is a program that creates a supportive net of services for men facing difficult circumstances. Our services include: housing, meals, education and employment support, medical support, social service support, spiritual support and a work training program.

Exodus Place creates a sense of community, restores dignity, and helps to remove the obstacles that prevent men from contributing to society. This is accomplished by providing the necessary training and accountability for men to excel.

Exodus Place provides more than just housing and three hot meals a day. We also offer:

  • AA meetings
  • Daily Bible studies
  • Wild at Heart men’s group
  • Computer skills instruction
  • Résumé building

In order to stretch our donor dollar and avoid duplicating services that others specialize in, we have partnered with over 40 different non-profits, which makes available a multitude of additional services. We continue to strive to add positive, healthy activities for the men, knowing that their lives need organization and structure.

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