EmbodyGR is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to building inclusive community, enhancing physical and mental wellness through yoga & meditation, and creating meaningful volunteer & service opportunities. Our FREE weekly gathering and events empower individuals to become healthier, happier, and make the world better in their own way. We are dedicated to improving the quality of people’s daily lives so they can “feel better ~ do good.”

At EmbodyGR we are in the business of making the healing practices of yoga & meditation available and accessible to the hundreds, and we believe someday thousands, of people not only in Grand Rapids, but in communities across America, who would not otherwise have access. EmbodyGR serves those with addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, health issues, loneliness, isolation as well as adults & young adults who struggle with homelessness/housing instability, domestic violence, and LGBTQ issues. We serve the underserved, at-risk populations, those who have simply fallen on hard times financially & emotionally, as well as anyone who may simply need a safe & healing place where they feel welcome and accepted just as they are. At EmbodyGR we believe happy & healthy people want give back to our community and make the world better.

Embody GR hosts free weekly gatherings every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm at Fountain Street Church, located in Grand Rapids, MI. Founder and Executive Director, Dana Christian Lee believes that yoga should be open and accessible to all, and that is how EmbodyGR was born. Each week, Dana leads a community yoga and meditation practice. EmbodyGR partners with other local non-profit organizations to provide awareness, education and volunteer opportunities with the organizations.

EmbodyGR now serves over 400+ people in the greater Grand Rapids area. Since its inception we have practiced over 7,500 hours of yoga, meditation, and empowerment training. Collectively we have returned more than 2,000 hours of volunteer service back into the Grand Rapids community. The EmbodyGR way works! We help people feel better in their bodies, minds, and hearts and in turn inspire them to experience the power of giving something back. We provide childcare so parents who would not otherwise be able to participate can. We step in where traditional health care and service agencies often leave off. And it is really working!

Come join us and experience the "feel better, do good" movement for yourself! Our circle of care cannot wait to meet YOU!

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