The EDGE Urban Church

The EDGE Urban Church

The EDGE is an multiethnic, inner-city ministry in Grand Rapids, Michigan founded by Troy and his wife, Dawn Evans. After much prayer and preparation they left their corporate jobs and committed the rest of their lives to being Urban Missionaries. The EDGE has become the go-to organization for ministries, schools, law enforcement across the country. are committed to reaching urban youth and young adults in the hip-hop culture with the hope that only Christ provides. We have the privilege of being located in a diverse urban community where you can meet people from all walks of life. Along with the good things in our community we have many challenges:

70% of our community lives at or below poverty level
40% of children do not read at basic reading level
40 different gangs city wide and our community has the largest group latino gangs in the state
50% of students will not graduate from high school
Countless number of kids under the age of 10 walk to our church services and programming with no parental supervision
50% of the homes are without fathers

Even with these challenges, we are thankful to the Lord that in our eight years of ministry we have seen lives transformed! This work is done through various ministry outlets:

*Saturday Night Session - Relevant high energy worship experience where youth and young adults lead and a strong culture of family is lived out

*UnCommon - Urban youth gathering on site and in local high school students

*Student Worker Program - Hiring and training youth and young adults to explore passions and gain real work experience

*Schools Of Hope - Training community kids that are at least one year behind in reading to move to there suggested reading level

*Urban Business Network - Empowering and mentoring Urban Youth and Young adults in business

*Family Leadership Program - Several parents come to and receive practical tools for parenting and increasing there children grades

*I40 Urban Arts - Empowering youth through urban arts (Music Studio, Dance School, Video Production, all in the basement of the church)

Our financial realities are also apparent in the work we do. Most churches are funded by the offering that comes in through the people that attend their services. That’s not our reality, 30% of our annual budget comes from the offering plate, the other 70% comes from people in our community that believe in the importance of God’s work in and through our youth.

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