Designed Future

Designed Future

At Designed Future, we understand the problems inherent in constructing meaningful change. We provide the resources and support necessary for those seeking to create a better way of life.

Working With Us
We offer nonprofit agencies a full-service team with programs that offer a real, proven method for personal change.

We Target Those At Risk
We improve the lives of those in your population who are struggling with financial stressors, loss of employment, homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, serious health issues, and strained family relationships. We also deliver programs to empower nonprofit staff members.

Custom Curriculum
We design and launch a custom curriculum that our team of experts delivers at your agency or facility.

What Our Engagement Looks Like
Nonprofit agencies are paired with a professional Designed Future Coach. During the course of 4–6 weeks, training sessions include didactic learning, experiential exercises, demonstrations, participant interaction, and a suite of evidence-based tools and solutions to create a designed life.

Program Details
Designed Future provides a starting point for change, and experience of introspection and betterment. We create an atmosphere where individuals restore their sense of self-respect, trust, and hope. They find the confidence to discover their dreams and build strong futures. By taking responsibility of the mind, body and spirit, they become someone else, and that new person has new habits that produce new outcomes.

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