Community Media Center

Grand Rapids Community Media Center: Building Community Through Media

CMC provides Grand Rapids with media unbound from expectations, that is open and accessible to the people of the community and uncensored by government. This is our community’s media center, where every resident can communicate, learn, and have impact through the transformative power of the media. GRCMC is the place where every person’s voice can be heard (The Rapidian); anyone can experience music without commercial interruption (WYCE 88.1FM); everyone can use media production tools to produce and share their viewpoint about local issues (GRTV); and where the whole community can be a part of history and experience arts and events come to life at a 100-year old urban venue (Wealthy Theatre).

Providing a platform for our community to connect, learn, create, and share for over 30 years! The Grand Rapids Community Media center is a place for everyone to tell their stories and express their creative passions, all while supporting the fundamental right to free speech. Together Grand Rapids is building community through media!

Media powered by the people of Grand Rapids – CMC promotes free speech, empowers underrepresented voices to tell their stories, and energizes the community through music, information and the media platforms of WYCE, Wealthy Theatre, The Rapidian, and GRTV.

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