Camp Blodgett

Camp Blodgett

Camp Blodgett brings together kids from all over West Michigan and provides a safe, supportive environment in which all kids can be themselves and be accepted for who they are as individuals. In other words, Camp Blodgett gives kids a place to BELONG.

In addition, the adventures and challenges we walk kids through at camp help them believe in themselves and give them the confidence they need to imagine bigger, brighter futures for their lives. Camp Blodgett also shows kids the benefits of an inclusive community, and how important it is to be good citizens and to appreciate the uniqueness of all individuals.

By starting these lessons early – lessons to build personal confidence and a sense of responsibility to everyone in our community – Camp Blodgett contributes to making West Michigan a better place to live for ALL of its residents. By supporting Camp Blodgett, you are helping to empower kids in West Michigan and truly investing in the future of West Michigan as a whole.

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