Calvin College

Calvin College

Calvin College is a Christian academic community dedicated to rigorous intellectual inquiry.

Calvin students study the liberal arts and select from a broad range of majors and professional programs. The college fosters scholarship that creates new knowledge, that performs creative work, and that sustains natural and cultural resources. A Calvin education, marked by scholarly engagement with enduring questions and emerging concerns, prepares students to answer God’s call to live and serve in God’s world as agents of renewal.

Do you believe things can be better? At Calvin, we believe in Christ’s promises to make all things new. With heart and mind, we strive to understand what is and live our lives in light of what can be.

After all, what is a vacant lot can become a community garden. What is a muddied river can become a fresh water supply. And what is a broken relationship can become reconciliation in action. With the right lens, and God’s transformative hand in the world, an unsolved problem can become the catalyst for a game-changing solution.

Your studies should inspire you to look at the world in new ways—and at Calvin, they will. You’ll think deeply, act justly and live wholeheartedly, all while surrounded by a community committed to helping you flourish.

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