Bridge Street House of Prayer

Bridge Street House of Prayer

We are a Christ-centered, urban ministry located in the heart of the West Side of Grand Rapids with a focus on community development and youth discipleship.

Through a holistic approach, with a foundation of the Gospel, we work to bring shalom in a neighborhood with a vibrant history and culture. The Pavilion Coffee Shop, run entirely by volunteers, is a safe place for many in what can be an unpredictable neighborhood. At the Pavilion, we build relationships, help stabilize a neighborhood, and connect people to the resources they need.

Youth are a crucial component for the future of a neighborhood and a city. We work to empower youth of the West Side and engage young people from around West Michigan in the mission of God here in the West Side. We run a mentoring program for students of Westwood Middle School, a summer program for local youth groups to get involved in our neighborhood, and an 8 month gap year program for post-high school students.

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