Base Camp Urban Outreach

Base Camp Urban Outreach

Climbing a world-class mountain without the proper equipment is a guaranteed invitation for disaster. Even with the right tools, the journey is not easy. The start of every climb begins with the establishment of a base camp... a place that marks the beginning of the climb...where all the supplies are kept that will sustain one on the climb. This is the assignment we have been given... to equip inner-city youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to make positive life choices through a caring community of businesses, churches and volunteers. For hundreds of inner-city kids, Base Camp has been there to equip them for the mountains of life. We provide a foundation of hope, encouragement and positive role-modeling.

Base Camp is open every afternoon and three nights a week with a very structured program of homework, tutoring, literacy, recreation and spiritual expression.
We have been impacting kids in the inner-city of Grand Rapids for 25 years in one of the highest crime areas of our community. We reach out to youth between the ages of 7 and 17 and charge no fees or dues.

Mike Peters and Kelly Ellis are our two full-time staff, who together have 60 years of urban ministry experience.

Who are we? We are people who want to reach out to good kids living in a bad neighborhood and give them a chance to survive and thrive in a chaotic world.

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