Access of West Michigan

Access of West Michigan

Access works to address root issues of poverty and to cultivate sustainable solutions in areas such as food security and justice, nutrition, family stability and community awareness.

Access’ Good Food System Initiatives Work at the intersection of food security, nutrition, and food justice; supporting both the local farm economy and local food resource centers and pantries.

The Access Poverty Education Program exists to overcome misconceptions about poverty and motivate people to become involved in activities that promote justice in our communities, as well as provide economic opportunity for our workshop staffers.

Congregation Connections links social services and faith groups, working to strengthen communities throughout Kent County by supporting ministry and outreach teams. We collaborate with over 200 congregations across 17 denominations, offering training and casework services.

Mission Statement
Celebrating the activity of God in our midst, Access strengthens and develops holistic solutions to poverty by cultivating equitable systems through education and collaboration.

We envision a vibrant community rooted in equitable systems

Collaboration. Shalom. Integrity. Equity. Strengths-based development. Shared leadership. Sustainability.

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