Artists Creating Together

Artists Creating Together

Each year, ACT impacts over 6,000 people with disabilities in programs reaching schools, hospitals, community events, and classes in our studio.

ACT is "All Arts. All Abilities.” ACT creates a place where people of all abilities find community with one another and share their talents with the world.

ACT is dedicated to providing life-long opportunities for creative expression to people with disabilities in our community. ACT programs fall into four categories: youth programs, community partnership programs, health & healing programs, and adult programs. ACT students range in age from two years through adulthood, and programs run year-round.

All of ACT’s programs are centered on a core set of values that go back to our beginnings in 1986. Through growth and changes in the past 30 years, these core values remain:

  • We believe that every person is valuable and deserves to be understood
  • We believe that we can recognize the potential of every child, youth and adult and that disabilities are not a barrier to success
  • We believe that we can empower people of all abilities to be active, positive and contributing members of our community
  • We believe that the arts and culture are fundamental tools in helping all people to reach their potential

All of ACT’s programs include hands-on art experiences and emphasize positive learning and community collaboration.

ACT empowers people with disabilities to be active, positive, and engaged members of our community. People with disabilities are tremendously underserved and face many barriers to participation. We want to ensure that each person has this opportunity. Using innovative, experimental arts learning, ACT serves over 6,000 people with disabilities each year in programs that celebrate all arts and empower all abilities.

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